About Me

Katie Schofield

Hi, it's nice to meet you!

I'm a life-loving, fun-seeking, artist living in Cambridge "The Town of Champions", New Zealand.

Most days you can find me behind stacks of research literature, in a lab, or glued to a computer as I complete my PhD. Athlete health is my jam.

Side note: The perfect partner to jam is peanut butter (aka PB) - and a big weakness. I have a jar of PB in my freezer so I can't eat it out of the tub too easily!

Another love, equally as my research and PB, is being creative in my spare time...spare time? Let's say downtime! Drawing is a wonderful break and a place to escape. I get lost in the patterns and lines that I create and being 'in the moment'.

What is even better is creating pieces that provide inspiration and escapism to others. My love for science and my love of art is a wonderful partnership.

The structure, planning, intricate lines in my doodles are reflective of that in science; black and white, purposeful.

I create products for your naked walls or rooms that are looking for a bit of character, something to catch curious eyes and imagination.

KS Doodles have you covered!

Katie from KS Doodles
Katie from KS Doodles

If you want to know more, here are five things you might not know about KS Doodles:

  1. KS Doodles was developed to fund a cycling trip to the US. As I was travelling, it was easier to take pens and paper than my paint set.
  2. My main form of inspiration comes from NZ fauna and flora.
  3. I draw without the use of rulers - everything drawn is done freehand.
  4. When I doodle, I love a good cup of tea by my side... And possibly something with PB on it...
  5. Lately, I have been experimenting with acrylics and a looser style of painting.

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Kind words from my lovely customers...

“I loved my KS Doodle! Beautifully detailed and personal.”

Ria, Hamilton NZ

“I love the Fantail and Tui that KT did for us - it’s such a unique way of drawing and I feel like the birds have a lil personality popping from the page.”

Alison, Cambridge NZ

“It’s a unique thing and a wonderful gift!”

Ingo, Germany

“Our two KS Doodle Prints sit pride of place in our living room - everyone comments on the workmanship and the stunning detail!”

Sheree, Dunedin NZ

“It was the perfect gift for someone who has everything.”

Arie, Cambridge NZ

“Unique, heartwarming and always a memory from Aotearoa.”

Anonymous, Germany

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I do a happy dance each and every time I sell a piece of art. (Happy dance not included with your purchase).

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