Limited Edition Prints, Inspired, Drawn & Made in New Zealand brings you hand-drawn, monochromatic designs that utilize both positive and negative space concepts.

Proudly made in New Zealand, these special prints are perfect for adding stunning visual focus and flair to your home or office.

Everything is considered limited edition. Order now to avoid missing out on your favourite design.

Kind words from my lovely customers...

“I loved my KS Doodle! Beautifully detailed and personal.”

Ria, Hamilton NZ

“I love the Fantail and Tui that KT did for us - it’s such a unique way of drawing and I feel like the birds have a lil personality popping from the page.”

Alison, Cambridge NZ

“It’s a unique thing and a wonderful gift!”

Ingo, Germany

“Our two KS Doodle Prints sit pride of place in our living room - everyone comments on the workmanship and the stunning detail!”

Sheree, Dunedin NZ

“It was the perfect gift for someone who has everything.”

Arie, Cambridge NZ

“Unique, heartwarming and always a memory from Aotearoa.”

Anonymous, Germany

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Featured Work

Featured here are some of my latest works and currently popular designs...

Every print is so please order promptly!

Don't miss out on my limited edition prints!

Every item is 100% limited edition, created with love using inspiration from life.

Please order now to avoid missing out!

Katie from KS Doodles
Katie from KS Doodles

Meet Katie, the master doodler herself!

Hi, fellow human!

Welcome KS Doodles! I'm Katie Schofield, the doodle creator.

I'm passionate about creating hand-drawn monochromatic designs that utilize both positive and negative space concepts.

I create products for your naked walls or rooms that are looking for a bit of character, something to catch curious eyes and imagination.

I produce each design without the use of rulers; every line and pattern you see is created free-hand.

I enjoy the challenge of creating clean and simple yet striking and complex works of art.